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March 2015 - Macuelizo

In 2014 the Taiwanese government built a new two room school in a small mountaintop community called Macuelizo (they did not have a school prior to this) and having the school has been a very positive change for the people here. They are still very poor but now the children are getting an education, they are happier, the area is getting cleaned up and they are all very thankful. The principal from our school in Retiro was moved to this school and he is doing a great job of making sure the children are well looked after. We were able to provide them with some school supplies (thanks to Compassionate Ministries Warehouse in Victoria), cloth bags & hug-a-bears (thanks again to the ladies from Central Baptist Church in Victoria), clothing & backpacks (donated by Leda & Rigo Chang in Tegucigalpa) and some soccer balls & frisbees. When we were leaving some of the children brought us thank-you cards they had little girl told us that she was so thankful that we came to see them, and to please thank all the people in Canada who were helping to provide support for the school. She went on to say that they were in such a remote place that outside people seldom came there and sometimes she thought that they had been forgotten...needless to say, there were lots of hugs and a few teary eyes as we left.