2023 News & Updates

March 2023

The new textbooks & workbooks have been delivered to the school and the students & teachers are pretty excited to have the new curriculum materials!! Many thanks to all the kind and generous folks in Canada who donated to this project...and a huge thank you to our faithful partners in Honduras who provide all the logistical support in getting the books ordered, delivered and distributed at the school! More photos of the students and their new books can be viewed on the "Albums" page under the "Photos/Videos" tab on this webpage.

February 2023

February 24th update....the new textbooks and workbooks have been ordered but as with most places in the world at the moment, Honduras is apparently experiencing delays in the supply chain!  There are some "screenshots" on the "Photos Albums" page on this website of some of the books that have been ordered....we are hopeful that the books will arrive soon :)  As soon as there is a further update available it will be posted here!

Donations to the "new curriculum materials and classroom supplies" fund for the school in Retiro are continuing to arrive and the donation total is now almost $9000(CAN$).  During the FOH AGM meeting on January 30th a motion was passed to send $6000(US$)....which converted to just over $8000(CAN$)....to Honduras.  The new textbooks, workbooks and other classroom supplies have been ordered and should be available to the teachers & students when school commences in a few days!  Thanks so much to all of the folks who have donated to this project....the students and teachers are very excited and happy to have the new learning materials!  We are hoping to have photos very soon of the new materials being distributed to the students & teachers....stay tuned for further updates!

January 2023

Happy New Year!  Donations toward the "new curriculum materials and classroom supplies" fund for the school in Retiro are continuing to come in and the donation total is now over $8000!  The new school year in Honduras starts in early February so we are hoping to have the items purchased and the classrooms outfitted for the students & teachers by that time.  Once again, thanks so much to all of you who have kindly & generously donated so far to the fundraising for the schools.....you are helping to make a positive difference in the lives of the students and their families!