2015 News and Updates

December 2015

Another school year has now come to an end and the students are away for a well deserved 2 month holiday. Many thanks to all the faithful donors who continued monetary support keeps the school running and helps with property upkeep, school supplies and daily meals. The renovation fund for the medical clinic is now well over $10,000 (CAN$) and plans are ongoing to get that project underway in the new year. If you would like to make a donation to the school and/or the medical clinic fund and would like a 2015 tax receipt then there is only a week left for you to do that......please visit the "Donations" page on this website for instructions on how to make a donation. It's really easy and the children in Honduras appreciate all that you do for them! Feliz Navidad / Merry Christmas to all!

September 2015

The vision of having a medical clinic at the school is getting closer to being a reality! Donations are continuing to come in, including a very generous $1500 donation submitted recently by a good friend of FOH....total monies collected so far are nearing $8000 or almost halfway to the goal of $20K! Thanks everyone for your continued generous support of this project.

March 2015

Check the "Photo Albums" page of this website to see pictures of the building that will be renovated into a medical clinic for the school and surrounding area, plus pictures of the newly finished, and vastly improved, bathroom.

February 2015

Great news.....another $2250 in unsolicited donations has come in for the work in Honduras over the past few days!! The Society continues to be blessed by the support of a wide and diverse group of donors and supporters. The Society Treasurer recently checked back over the books to look at donation totals and in the past 15 years over $92,000 has been raised and has gone directly to Honduras to help with the projects there. The team leaves on Monday for Honduras and they are eagerly looking forward to spending almost two weeks at the school.

January 2015

The Society held their 2015 Annual General Meeting last evening and gratefully looked back on another successful year of helping the children and the school in Honduras. Almost $14,000 was raised in donations in 2014 with only $275 in overhead costs....which means that virtually all of those donations went directly to helping the children by way of food, school supplies, textbooks, uniforms/shoes, infrastructure improvements, etc. Four FOH directors from Canada will be travelling to the school in late February and they look forward to interacting with the children, seeing the improvements made at the school, discussing with the local authorities the logistics of building & supplying a medical clinic at or near the school and facilitating ongoing and future projects. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation in support of this work please visit www.friendsofhonduras.org for further information.