2012 News and Updates

November 2012

Another successful school year has ended and the students have a 2 month break before the new school year starts. Thanks to everyone who has helped out with monetary donations over the past year allowing us to provide meals, school supplies and continuing education for approximately 190 students....muchas gracias!!

February 2012

Four of us went to Honduras during the first two weeks of February and, due to your generous donations (over $16,000), we were able to get a lot accomplished:

  • food for a noon meal for the students for the school year is now funded
  • new textbooks & curriculum materials have been purchased
  • a backpack containing school supplies (3 notebooks, 2 pens, a pencil, ruler, etc) have been supplied to each student
  • some new metal framed desks & chairs have been purchased (the old wooden ones were termite infested and not repairable)
  • the last old, original (and potentially dangerous) classroom has been demolished and a new one is being built in it's place
  • plumbing in the bathroom is being repaired and upgraded
  • 100 needy families in the poor mountain community of Macueliso (had to have a 4-wheel drive truck to get there) were provided with food and some clothing
  • some medical supplies were provided to a small clinic in the inner city part of Tegucigalpa

Check out the "Photo Albums" page of this website to see pictures of some of the places we went and people we met.

January 2012

Donation total is now up to $10,000 and still growing!