2022 News & Updates

May 2022

Roof replacement on one of the classrooms has started!  Check the "Albums" tab under "Photos & Videos" on the main page of this website for a few pictures of the work in progress.  Purchases of school supplies, backpacks for the students & hand-sanitizing stations for the school are also underway.  More updates to come....

April 2022

Good news!  The students are back at the school on a limited basis, learning in a classroom setting.  Hopefully, as the health situation with the pandemic continues to improve, the classrooms will soon be full again.  You can go to the Photos/Videos tab on this website to view some recent pictures of the students and teachers back in class.  And more good news....funding has now been received for replacing the roof on one of the classrooms!  So thankful for this donation.  There are lots of items still on the "wish list"....see below.  If you would like to participate in funding any of these items, please let us know. 

April 2022

Here is a "wish list" of items that FOH is hoping to fund over the next few months.  Prices shown are in CAN$ and will be amended as current market prices are received from Honduras.  If you would like your donation to go toward a specific item or items please let us know.  There are some recent photos on the "Photos & Videos" page of this website that show the aging roof on one of the classrooms along with some photos of the school grounds. 

Funding Goals/Wish List for the Schools & Medical Clinic

(Amounts shown are in Canadian Dollars and are estimates only.  We are working with our partners in Honduras to get firm prices on the following items)


Replace roofing materials on 3 classrooms                                ($8000 X 3)                                             $24000

New Student Desks & Chairs in 3 classrooms                            (24 desks X $150)                                   $3600

                                                                                                         (48 chairs X $75)                                     $3600

New whiteboards/blackboards & accessories                             ($400 per grade)                                     $2400

Grade appropriate reading books for 6 grades                            ($1000 per grade)                                  $6000

Cabinets to store the new books                                                   ($600 per grade)                                    $3600

Supplies and labor costs to create garden beds on the terraced school yard.  The students are learning to start plants/vegetables from seeds and need an organized place to do that.  Produce from the gardens could then be used in the school kitchen for lunches for the students.                                                                                                                                                                                                       $3000                                  

Hand washing & sanitizing stations plus supplies for the year  ($400 X 2)                                              $800

Safety railing/fencing along the top of the retaining walls                                                                         $2000


February 2022

The new school year is set to start at the end of this month but there is still some uncertainty about the guidelines & regulations that must be met to allow the schools to re-open.  There are indications that a number of things may be required including hand washing/sanitizing stations at the entrance to the school grounds and the classrooms.  Thankfully, with the success of the fundraiser at the end of last year, there are funds available that will hopefully cover the costs of any items mandated by the government for the re-opening plus allow for the purchase of new curriculum & classroom supplies for the schools, and notebooks & individual supplies for the students.  Further updates to come as more information becomes available.....stay tuned!