2018 News and Updates

January 2018

´╗┐The FOH 2018 Annual General Meeting was held January 29th and by all reports the Society is doing really well.  Sufficient funding has come in over the past 12 months to allow FOH to keep the school supplied with food for a daily meal for the students, textbooks and other school supplies have been purchased and the buildings/grounds have been maintained.  Construction is continuing on the Medical Clinic building adjacent to the school and by the look of the recent pictures that we have received from Honduras, the crew is doing a great job.  You can view the photos by clicking on the "Photos & Videos" button at the top of this page and then click on "Albums" on the drop down list.  A team from FOH was planning to travel to Honduras to visit the school in the next month or two but that trip has now been postponed because of the recent political unrest in the country.  Hopefully that situation will soon be resolved so that we can travel to the school to get a first-hand look at how things are progressing.

May 2018

Work is ongoing on the clinic and we are grateful for the continued funding from generous donors that is allowing the construction/renovation to near completion (see the Photo Albums page for the June 2018 Clinic Update photos).  We are now in the process of figuring out what furniture and supplies are needed to have the clinic up and running and hope to have all this accomplished in the next few months.  The school continues to do well and FOH is providing the students with school supplies, school uniforms, a nutritious daily meal and upgraded classrooms and bathrooms. 

August 2018

Things are progressing at the school & clinic but very slowly. There is continued unrest in Honduras making it very difficult and uncertain when trying to get things accomplished. We are very thankful for the folks on site in Honduras that are assisting us and are making sure that the funds so generously donated by people in Canada are being well utilized and are benefitting the children at the school & in the surrounding community.

November 2018
Some more photos of the clinic renovation have been sent to us and are now posted on the Photo Albums page on this website.  We are so thankful for our partners in Honduras without whom none of this work would get done.  The clinic is nearly finished and furniture for the clinic has now been ordered.  Thanks to the continued generous donations of a wide variety of supporters, the monies needed to complete the clinic have been received, plus there are additional funds available for the continued running of the school.  The end of the school year is approaching in Honduras and we are hoping that by the time school resumes at the end of February the clinic will be open for business!

December 2018

Notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Honduras Society: Friends of Honduras Society - Annual General Meeting at Rickys All Day Grill, 2900 Douglas Street, Victoria, B.C. on Tuesday, January 22, 2019 at 7 PM. All Welcome!