2011 News and Updates

December 2011

Since the trip to the school in Honduras was announced in early December almost $2000 has been donated to the charity!! Thank you so much to the very generous people/businesses that have made the donations...these funds will be taken to Honduras to feed the children and assist at the school.

December 2011

A trip to the school has now been booked for the first two weeks of February 2012. Four of us will be going and we look forward to seeing the students & teachers, doing some cleanup & renovation to the buildings & grounds and identifying areas of need for future projects. If you would like to assist in this by way of a monetary donation, please see the "Make A Donation" page on this website. 100% of any monies donated for this trip will go directly to assist at the school....all administration, travel & accommodation costs are being paid by the people going on the trip.

March 2011

ake a look at the "Photo Albums" page of the website...there are some new pictures of the December 2010 Christmas party for the students at the school and some updated photos of recent work done to the buildings and fencing.

January 2011

A new fence is needed around the perimeter of the school property to help keep out stray animals (and people!). Here are a few photos of the existing fencing....