2017 News and Updates 

December 2017

Notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Honduras Society: Friends of Honduras Society - Annual General Meeting at Rickys All Day Grill, 2900 Douglas Street, Victoria, B.C. Monday, January 29, 2018 at 7 PM. All Welcome!

November 2017

Check the Photo Albums page of this website for some updated photos of the site work being done in preparation for the construction of Phase 3 of the Medical Clinic.  No backhoes or excavators available here, all the digging is done by hand.  Backbreaking work but it looks like the crew is doing a great job!

September 2017

ANOTHER CLINIC UPDATE!  Thanks to some very generous monetary donations made over the past couple of weeks the funds necessary to complete the final two phases of the medical clinic have now been received and have been sent on to Honduras.  The construction work on these last two parts of the building will be starting soon and hopefully will be completed (weather permitting) in the next 4 to 5 months.  With that in mind, a trip to Honduras is now being planned for some time in February/March 2018, hopefully to coincide with the start of the new school year and the opening of the medical clinic.  FOH continues to fund a daily meal for the students at the school along with school supplies, uniforms, classroom & building maintenance/improvement and other miscellaneous items.  We at FOH (and the 200 students at the school!) are so thankful and appreciative for all the continued & ongoing support received from so many faithful people who believe in this project.  If you would like to make a donation please go to the “Donations” page on this website and follow the directions found there (Tax receipts will be issued for donations made from Canadian sources).

September 2017

CLINIC UPDATE!  Take a look at the Photo Albums page on this website to see some new photos of the exterior of the clinic building and the interior of the waiting area for patients of the clinic.  And more good news.....since the last posting on this page, another $3100 has been donated toward the funding of the clinic so we are now only $1400 away from having the renovation/construction/furnishing of the clinic building/waiting area/doctors & nurses resting area & private bathrooms fully funded!  Muchas gracias a todos! 

September 2017

CLINIC UPDATE!  Very exciting news from Honduras….progress on the renovation/construction of the clinic is now at the point where we need to buy furniture for the waiting area and the 3 examining rooms!  FOH in Honduras has received a quote of 54,458.98 Lempira (approximately $2900CAN) which will provide furniture for the entire clinic (3 examining tables, 8 chairs, 4 desks & 6 filing cabinets).  There are still 2 phases of the clinic to be built (doctors & nurses kitchen/resting area & bathrooms) at a cost of approximately 345,000 Lempira ($17,890CAN) but thankfully, with the funds that have come in over the past few months, FOH is now financially able to purchase the furniture and get started on the two final phases of the clinic.  The financial shortfall at the moment to complete the entire project is approximately $4500(CAN) so if you were thinking of making a donation toward this work, this would be a great time to do it!  Please see the “Donations” page on this website for details on how to make donations (tax receipts issued for donations from Canadian sources).  FOH is hoping to have photos of the most recent work on the clinic available in the next few days….please check back here for further updates.

August 2017

Many thanks to Ally & Dennis Guevin for hosting their annual bar-be-que in the DFH Real Estate parking lot today. Weather was beautiful and contributions placed in the donation jar by all the Realtors who enjoyed a very tasty lunch resulted in a very nice monetary boost toward the work being done in Honduras!

April 2017

Some new photos of Phase 2 of the clinic renovation have been posted to the Photo Albums page.  We are so thankful for the work that is being done and for the careful oversight of the construction/renovation process that is being provided by our FOH contacts in Honduras.

April 2017

Phase 2 of the renovation/construction of the medical clinic are now underway and some photos have been posted on the Photo Albums page.  It may not look like much right now (!) but the walled-in and covered waiting area will provide much need space for students and other people needing medical attention, out of the pouring rain or blazing sun.

January 2017

The Directors of FOH held their Annual General Meeting on January 30 and reflected on another successful year for the Society.  Almost $30,000 was raised during the year through various fundraising activities, the first phase of the construction/renovation of the medical clinic next to the school was begun, the students at the school in Retiro continued to receive an education and were provided with a daily meal, school supplies and school uniforms, and the Society was able to provide some assistance (school supplies, clothing) to the school in Macueliso.