2019 News and Updates

April 2019     

After a lot of hard work and diligence by the people in Honduras and lots of support from everyone here in Canada, the FOH (Friends of Honduras) medical clinic is finished and ready to provide medical services to the students at the school and the people in the surrounding community! FOH has now made travel arrangements and three of us from Canada will be going to Honduras for the grand opening of the clinic in the first week of July.....a huge thank you to everyone who has assisted in this process so far.  As usual, no donated funds will be used to pay for the Canadian Team's travel or accommodation.

June 2019

A bake sale fundraiser for Friends of Honduras was held June 18th at DFH Real Estate in Victoria and over $3800 dollars was raised through donations and the sale of baked goods!  Thanks to all who participated by baking, buying and donating.  The team from Victoria will be in Honduras July 2 thru July 7 for the opening of the medical clinic....stay tuned for video and photos of that event which will be posted to this site.

July 2019

The team has now returned from Honduras and the trip to the school and medical clinic went very well.  A lot got accomplished including supplying the students in Retiro with new backpacks filled with school supplies, new desks were bought for two of the classrooms, a new pump for the water supply has been ordered, exterior  paint was purchased for the classrooms, funding is in place to purchase food for the daily meal for the students until the end of the school year in December, the medical clinic was opened and stocked with basic medical supplies and some school supplies, cloth bags and hug a bears (provided by the kind ladies at Central Baptist Church in Victoria) were distributed to the students at the school in Macuelizo.  Take a look at the Albums page under the Photos & Video tab on this website for photos of this most recent trip to the school.

September 2019

Christmas Fundraiser for the school.....FOH can purchase food bags containing beans, rice, sugar, flour, corn, etc that contain enough food to feed a family of 4 for about a week.  Each bag costs about 350 lempira ($20CAN). FOH would like to raise enough money so that we can provide a bag of food to the families of every student at the two schools at Christmastime. There are approximately 250 students at the two schools so approximately $5000(CAN) is needed.  If you would like to make a donation please click on the "Donate Now" button on the main page of this website for instructions on how to do that.  Check back here often for updates on how the fundraising is going....thanks everyone for your continued support. 

November 2019

Our Christmas fundraiser continues and as of today almost $3500 has been raised toward the $5000(CAN$) needed to purchase of a bag of food for each of the families of students at the two schools. We are very thankful for what has come in so far and we are hoping to have the entire $5000 in place by the end of November. If you would like to make a donation please click on the "Donate Now" button on this webpage for information on how to donate.....

December 2019

Mission Accomplished! Sufficient funds have now come in for FOH to be able to provide a food bag to the family of each of the 250 students at the two schools at Christmastime. The various items for the food bags are being purchased in Honduras and the bags will be distributed to the families in the next few days! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this fundraising effort! Donations are continuing to come in and the additional funds will be used when school starts again in February to provide daily meals and school supplies for the students.