2024 News & Updates

June 2024

June 21st update - A new photocopier at the school in Retiro has caused a bit of excitement among the students & teachers! With new textbooks hard to come by this new photocopier will allow the teachers to print worksheets and assignments for the students to work on. Thanks for everyone who continues to support this work.....it is making a meaningful difference in a lot of children's lives! You can see pictures of the new photocopier and some of the students on the "Photos & Videos" page of this website.

March 2024

March 15th update - as a result of some very generous monetary donations from our supporters in Canada, FOH has been able to supply new backpacks ("mochilas") to the students at the school in Retiro.  If you click on the "Photos & Videos" tab at the top of the main page of this website and then click on the "March 2024 New Backpacks" tab you will see some great photos (many thanks to our volunteers at the school for taking the pictures!) of some of the students receiving their new backpacks....pretty exciting stuff....the students are very happy to have a way to carry their school supplies & notebooks to and from school each day!!  FOH has also been able to supply some teaching supplies (ie. craft paper, white glue, cardboard, ribbon, colored paper, acrylic markers, whiteboard erasers, staples, paper clips, scissors, permanent markers, etc) so the teachers have something to work with as they are doing lessons and projects with the students.  FOH is also working on getting prices/quotes on supplying new school uniforms and shoes for the students....if this is something that you would like more information on and/or would like to donate to then please check back here on a regular basis for updates.

February 2024

February 8th update - it took a little while longer than expected but the Christmas Food Bags have at last been delivered to the school in Macuelizo.  Supply chain delays, lack of inventory and other extenuating circumstances caused a delay in getting the Christmas food bags to Macuelizo but this past Tuesday morning a great group of FOH volunteers were able to deliver the food bags to 200 families at the school in Macuelizo.  Everyone was very excited to finally be able to make this happen and the students and their families were so appreciative of the food items that were distributed to them.  To view photos of the food delivery and the happy recipients please "click" on the "Photos & Videos" tab at the top right of the main page of this website, then on the "Albums" button and then on the "February 2024 Food Bags at Macuelizo" photo at the top left.  Thanks to everyone in Canada and in Honduras who contributed to this project, we could not have done it without you!

January 2024

January 13th updateNotice of the 2024 Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Honduras Society: Friends of Honduras Society - 2024 Annual General Meeting will be held at #202-3795 Carey Road, Victoria, B.C. (head office of DFH Real Estate Ltd.) on Monday, January 29, 2024 at 7 PM. All Welcome!  Access to the building will be provided until 7 PM.