2020 News and Updates

April 2020

Since the start of the COVID pandemic the school has been shut down and consequently a number of students having been missing their noon meal which is normally supplied at the school each day.  Our FOH partners in Honduras had the great idea of trying to help out by supplying the families of some of the needier students with beans and rice in bulk form.  FOH purchased the bulk items and that food has now been distributed (see the PHOTOS page for pictures of some of the happy and thankful recipients!)  Many thanks to everyone who assisted in making this possible.  

August 2020

Check out the PHOTOS page on this website for a few pictures of some of the students from the school working on "socially distanced" learning projects....even in the middle of a pandemic the students are trying to move forward with their education!

September 2020

The Mayor and the local government in Retiro are assisting with replacing the roof on one of the classrooms and are installing a new fence and gate at the entry to the school. We are so thankful for their willingness to do this much needed work at the school (there are pictures on the PHOTOS page of this website of the work being done).

November 2020

It has been a devastating hurricane season so far in Honduras and with the destruction that has been caused by the storms there is an immediate need for all types of basic day to day supplies.  FOH is now collecting funds to send to our contacts in Honduras so that some basic necessities can be purchased and distributed to many needy folks in and around Tegucigalpa and Retiro.  If you would like to donate please see the "Donate Now" tab/page on this website.  Any donation over $20 from a Canadian source will be provided with a charitable donation tax receipt.  Many thanks to all the kind folks who have already donated.