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March 2015 - Pinata Party!

The students always seem to like pinatas so we got three to take to the school....a car, a pony and a Mickey Mouse. The children were divided into three groups, kindergarten and grade 1, Grades 2 thru 4 and grades 5 and 6....the thinking being that keeping the same age groups together would make it more fun for everyone. And fun it was!!! One word of caution....make sure that you keep everyone out of range of the child swinging the stick at the pinata! The older children quickly broke their pinatas open, as did the middle grade children, so they all came to watch the younger children work on theirs. Unfortunately, as soon as that pinata broke, the older children swooped in and scooped up all the candy. To save the day we had the younger ones line up and we made sure that each of them got some can see from the photos that some of the young ones were not impressed that they had to wait!